Condition Monitoring

Infrared Thermographic Surveys

With our extensive experience in infrared thermographic imaging programs, we assist clients in a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, municipal and institutional operations, and conventional power facilities.The untimely shutdown of electrical distribution equipment and primary mechanical systems often results in lost production, higher operating costs, dissatisfied customers and lost profits. A major industrial engineering and insurance organization recently revealed that over 30% of their total losses resulted from electrical problems. Implementing a sound infrared thermographic imaging program is potentially the single most important preventive measure. Conservative estimates indicate that an average savings of $14 is derived from each $1 invested in such a program

  • Prevention of emergency maintenance
  • Fewer business interruptions from equipment downtime
  • More efficient production and energy usage
  • Minimal potential damage to equipment and facilities
  • Formal comprehensive reports that not only locate the problem with extreme precision but also recommend cost-effective solutions
  • Improved overall productivity and profitability

Optical gas imaging or OGI

Optical gas imaging or OGI,  is an innovative thermal imaging  technology to detect fugitive gas emissions in a safe and efficient manner.  OGI enables the operator to “see” emissions of volatile organic compounds  ( VOC’s ) such as methane, butane, propane, benzene and other hydrocarbons.
  • scanning a large number of components simultaneously
  • Efficient and cost effective scanning method
  • Very easy to scan equipment which is difficult to reach
  • Identify exact location of leaks in real time  
  • Greatly improves operator safety by detecting emissions at a safe distance
  • The operator can record live thermal video for reporting

Ultrasonic non-destructive testing

Ultrasonic non-destructive testing is a versatile technique that can be applied to a wide variety of material analysis applications. While ultrasonic NDT is perhaps better known in its more common applications for thickness gaging, flaw detection, and acoustic imaging, high frequency sound waves can also be used to discriminate and quantify some basic mechanical, electrical, structural, or compositional properties of solids and liquids.
  • Leak Detection
  • Electric Arc, Corona, Tracking Detection
  • Monitoring Bearing Wear
  • Locating Faulty Valves


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